Summer is almost here, and there may be a lot of athletes or adult fitness enthusiasts who aren’t quite where they want to be.

This is usually where blame starts to get thrown around, or excuses are made, to let themselves off the hook.

It doesn’t feel very good to not achieve goals, but it does provide some short term resolve to blame someone, or something else for the failure.

Taking some of the responsibility and making the choice to turn things around isn’t far out of reach.

Here is a quick list of 5 ways that you can achieve, meaningful, sustainable success, with just about anything you want to accomplish, not just fitness or health related.

SIMPLE-  On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that you can do this every day for 2 weeks?

SEGMENTAL– Break bigger things down into smaller parts.

SEQUENTIAL- Start with thing 1, then do thing 2, then thing 3, and so on.

STRATEGIC– Using your current strengths to build new ones, and addressing current barriers.

SUPPORTED– include coaching, teaching, and accountability.