The Art of Communication

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by Bob Vandersluis There is no doubt that being an effective communicator can have a profoundly positive effect on your life and the lives of [...]

Training Explosively: The Benefits

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by Bob Vandersluis Explosive Training is something that has massive appeal to athletic trainers, athletes and most other strength and conditioning specialists.  Training explosively has [...]

Tracking Progress

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by Bob Vandersluis One of the easiest, yet most overlooked aspects of success, whether in fitness, business, sports, you name it, is tracking progress.  This simple [...]

Macro-Nutrient Guide For Athletes

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by Bob Vandersluis All people consume 3 macro nutrients through nutrition.  Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat. All three macronutrients serve important functions, and each vary in quality. Carbohydrates [...]

Energy Needs For Athletes

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by Bob Vandersluis As athletes, we need to think about nutrition in a different light than the general population.  Calories in and calories out becomes [...]

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