Since February is the month of “Love”, I thought I would touch on the topic, and use it as a catapult to selfishly make myself a bit better at the same time.  I use the word “selfishly” loosely though.  Is being better at loving actually a selfish act?  Subjective I guess….but in this case I would like to think that learning to love can be very fulfilling and rewarding for not only yourself, but for everyone around you.  Since Peak is a strength and conditioning fitness business, let’s take a look at this concept from that perspective.


“Self Love is the source of all other loves” Pierre Corneille

Without love for yourself, allowing yourself to truly love others will be very difficult, or nearly impossible.

Love starts with respect.  How do you see yourself?  When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?  If not, it is likely not the mirror’s fault.  What changes can you make that will create a better self image?  It’s not always physical, but psychological as well.  Changing perception can alter a lot of negative emotions and lead to more self adoration.

So how do you go about valuing yourself and loving the way you look and feel?

Short answer…healthy body and mind through fitness, strength, and community support.

Being in the strength and conditioning world, of course I am going to advocate for taking this route on your path to health and wellness.  However, there are SO many different ways to get fit and stay healthy, that nearly anyone can and should be able to find something that they enjoy and can become proficient in.

No matter what aspect of physical fitness you decide to take on, some of the physical benefits that becoming, and staying active will have on your life and those around you include:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • reduce chance of cardiovascular disease
  • prevent non-insulin dependent diabetes
  • prevent joint pain
  • increased libido 😉
  • increased energy levels

These results have all been very well documented in the last 20 years.  Physical improvements are the obvious benefits to healthy living, and getting strong, but the way to truly learn to love yourself comes from the mental improvements that are endless from taking on a healthy lifestyle.  The training you complete, not only creates a physically stronger body, but a mentally stronger mind.

I was speaking with a prospective client yesterday about her free trial class (which she said she loved), and she objected to the offer of registering for a membership, because she was too busy with her two young children.

Speaking from experience, I can honestly say that staying active and showing my kids that it is a priority for me, was the best thing that I have ever decided to do.

As a parent, we all have struggles. Time management, stress, financial issues, or relationship perils.  The amount of investing you do in yourself, will have a direct correlation to the amount of energy you have to deal with all of the challenges that come up.


There are numerous studies, including one by Nabkasorm et al, that concluded “Group-based physical exercise program, which can increase daily physical activity or social relationships in adolescent female, improve not only the physiological fitness levels but also the depressive state and the psychophysical stress condition. Therefore, regular physical exercise is concluded to have a variety of benefits that may help promote physiological and psychological wellbeing in adolescent females with depressive symptoms.”

That is some pretty powerful anecdote to a what is an increasing, and ever dangerous illness that plagues many of our young ones today.


Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be associated with selfish, or narcissistic images.  In order to be a better person for your family, or your business, or your community, you must be the best version of you possible.  This type of growth and excellence can only happen when you devote enough time for personal evolution.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and as much as you should do something special for someone else, take some time and think about how you can do something positive and long lasting for yourself.  You are TOTALLY worth it!