At Peak, we offer state of the art athletic and strength development programs. Our professional team of trainers design each program individually to include nutrition education, injury prevention, and custom strength and conditioning programs to help each athlete reach optimal performance levels.

At Peak, we are experts in developing the best program for each athlete to see the best results, according to each athlete’s unique needs. This requires thorough assessments and the ability to recognize common faults in movement patterns and muscle activation to help facilitate the most efficient athletic development possible.

Athletes who move efficiently and work hard are in the best position to perform at a high level.  Moving well and with intensity allows for the expression of speed, agility and maximal power…unleashing the athletes’ ultimate potential.


Athletes in our program learn a lot of valuable skills that go along with athletic development.  They also acquire things like:

-increased confidence
– leadership skills
-enhanced communication
– improved coordination
-lifelong fitness implementation

Peak’s group of dedicated trainers are committed to helping each individual athlete achieve their goals through custom programming, and a supportive community atmosphere.  

Our small group session are 12 weeks long, and there are multiple options for weekly attendance frequency.  


Peak Youth Athletic Development will teach young athletes the foundational components of athleticism through a fun, dynamic and motivating training environment. Children 8-11 are at a peak stage for nervous system development. Most of their body awareness, coordination, movement mechanics and balance will be developed making it a critical time for them to learn. The program will focus on developing movement, balance, agility, quickness, stability, posture, reactivity & strength through fun, challenging drills. Even if they are not athletes they will love being able to have fun and move well.  
Programs are 60 mins and small group style, with an emphasis on individualized needs and programming.  The hour consists of mobility/warm-up, movement prep, jumping, running and strength mechanics.


As adults, we all want to feel good, move well, and look great!  What’s stopping you from being your best?

Our adult classes offer a positive small group atmosphere where our experienced trainers provide individualized programming to suit each athlete’s goals and personal needs.  

With an emphasis on movement quality, this program pushes athletes to improve their strength, body composition and overall athleticism.  If you’re looking for more than a random workout, and motivation and accountability, then Peak’s atmosphere and guidance will definitely help you get into great shape and feel amazing.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Elite Performance training

Training geared to those who want to compete at the highest level.  Our goal is to help these athletes gain the strength, speed and confidence they need to make the leap to Collegiate and professional teams.  The focus is always on quality training, built on a strong foundation of principles that work!  Developing the whole athlete through sports nutrition, psychology, and athletic development, will help you reach your next level goals!

On-Ice hockey training

Hockey skill development through competition and drills, with a focus on edge-work, puck protection, break-away speed, scoring, agility, puckhandling, and many more dynamic and effective skills.

Sniper Shooting & Puckhandling

Indoor training on synthetic ice that will help players with shooting, puckhandling, puck protection, quick hands, and scoring more goals!


-individualized programming
-learn new movements
-become efficient in those movements
-high energy
-nutrition guidance


This program can be personalized to fit the skill and experience level of any athlete, or potential athlete.  Our design principles are uniquely adjustable to suit people of any fitness level or training experience.  


-increased energy levels for busy days
-enhanced focus
-fat loss
-increased muscle tone
-increased strength, balance and flexibility
-reduced chance of injury



Train 1 on 1 with one of our certified personal trainers! Our trainers walk the walk, with years of experience in powerlifting, online coaching, nutrition, and personal training. If you’re new to the gym or a seasoned veteran you will achieve faster results being pushed by these individuals.


Train with a friend or two! Peak now offers semi private training! Split the cost, bring one or two friends and sign up with a personal trainer. This is perfect for those that are looking for affordable training or those that want a personal approach in a private group setting.

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