“The trainers work hard to see you reach your goals and make each class different to keep you on your toes. They have a wealth of knowledge on proper nutrition and can give you plenty of advice on extra supplements.”

– Dan Libbrecht

“Peak has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. The trainers keep the workouts interesting and I don’t find myself getting bored. Small group classes and I like the individualized attention given if needed by the trainers.”

– Terry Krouse

“Great atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and a great workout. I Like the small classes and variety of classes. Something at peak for all ages.”

– Kelly Piatkowski

“Friendly yet competitive atmosphere. When the owners are willing to sweat with you, you’re at the right place!”

– Rob Shaw

“A must try to take your training to a higher level.”

– Christine Campbell

“Awesome atmosphere, even better people! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Jeramy Vandewynckel

“11”6 Pb spike touch, 29 pull ups, 10”5 block touch, 7.8%body fat, gained 8 pounds from this time last year but added 15 pounds of muscle in 4 months at Peak.
I recorded my highest vertical in a game at 37.8’ after a full summer of training at Peak.”

-Pierce Johnson

“I love PEAK because of the positive atmosphere the trainers create with their amazing personalities. Everyone is welcoming, encouraging and invested in my experience and ultimate success. They generate a program specifically directed at my sport and my individual goals. They prepare me each session by incorporating a great warm up, challenging plyometrics and a cool down. I love it when the trainers take time out of their busy schedules to support me and my teammates by traveling to watch a game or giving me or my team a shout out on social media.
Our College coach complimented us on our fitness and how it helps us be able to get through a full game like that in front of all the rookies on our team to show them that anything can happen when your in shape and determined! And that’s thanks to you guys😁

-Jana Kucera

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