Mindset: an established set of attitudes and beliefs a person holds.

An individuals mindset is quickly becoming one of the most important components to leading a successful and happy life. You can have all of the money in the world, a ton of friends, and a great job, but if you’re lacking a positive and forward-thinking mindset, you may be holding yourself back from reaching your true potential.

As an athlete, mindset plays a crucial part of your success. It can make you or it can break you depending on the choices you make. If you’ve ever heard of the expression “you are what you eat,” what about this new way of looking at it of “you are what you think.” Thoughts don’t stop, and your body responds accordingly to what’s in your head. So make sure your mindset is in a positive place.

In order to establish a PEAK MINDSET, we have established 6 Pillars for success.

  1. Mindset Shift- From FIXED to GROWTH
  2. Mistakes and Failures– Taking responsibility for your progress, and focus on only the things you have total control over.
  3. Setting Goals– SMART goals to plan your success.
  4. Create Routines– Control stress and anxiety by attacking each day with joy and enthusiasm
  5. Positive Self Talk– Connecting body and mind with imagery, and thrive under pressure
  6. Refuelling Your Mental Energy– Training your psychological strength

This set of beliefs are the foundation for creating an unstoppable pursuit of greatness.  This greatness however, cannot be compared with anyone else.  Your greatness, and your potential are unique to you and your dreams.

To shift from a fixed to growth mindset is to become aware of a few different circumstances, and how you treat each one.

a) Challenges- avoid or embrace

b) Obstacles- give up easy or persist

c) Effort- see effort as fruitless, or as the path to mastery

d) Criticism- ignore useful negative feedback or learn from being criticized

e) Success of Others- feel threatened or find lessons and inspiration

These shifts in attitude and awareness bring focus to relishing in making mistakes and having failures.  It allows us to take control over our own progress, and focus on only the things we have total control over.  We can’t worry about what others say and do.

If you’d like to learn more about the other pillars and how were inter-relate physical and mental training, send an email to [email protected]