Speed Mechanics (not just for athletes)

If you are an athlete (or not) you should want to get faster.  Being a split second faster can mean the difference between winning and losing a race, making or being cut from a team, scoring a goal or getting checked.

If you are not an athlete, speed work can still be  beneficial in the same ways as the athlete would need it biomechanically, but time and results would matter less than the muscle fibre change and body control enhancement.  As we age, there is a significant decline in type II muscle fibres, and ultimately a decrease in lean muscle mass.  Not ideal by any means.


  • improved muscle recruitment and efficiency

  • improved balance

  • increased body awareness

  • power development can increase muscle and help shed fat

Above is a few speed drills that we utilize with many of our athletes to help them build the core control and stability necessary to enhance the muscle recruitment required to become faster.

In these videos, athletes work on body control, balance, arm action, and muscle recruitment to move fast!

Get out there in the nice weather and start working on your SPEED!