by Bob Vandersluis

Deadlifts are easily one of the most effective exercises for athletic development, general strength, and fat loss.  However, it is also a movement that people often butcher, and end up injuring themselves doing.

It is a very technical movement with a lot to think about, and a lot of muscle activity.  IT can be very neuroligically taxing, and places a great deal of stress on major muscle groups.

Here are our top cues to for the deadlift set up.

1a) Find your power position

1b) Shoelaces under the bar

2) Squeeze the two pieces of paper in your armpits

3) Take the tension out of the bar (and shift it into you)

This essentially means that you want to take the slack out of the bar.  There IS slack in an iron bar believe it or not. It actually bends (especially if you’re using a deadlift bar)

4) Drive the back half of your feet into the ground

5) Use the weight of the bar to pull yourself into the bottom position

6) Keep the bar close